Chart Recorders & Data Loggers
Dickson’s portable Data Loggers and Circular Chart Recorders set the standard for monitoring instrumentation.
For over 80 years, Dickson has manufactured instruments for monitoring temperature, humidity and pressure.

Dickson’s new series of Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers with Jumbo Display offer the key features you’ve been looking for including: High/Low Alarm, Min/Max Display, Super high-speed USB 2.0 Connectivity, One Step Data Transfer using removable SD FLASH memory cards, ฑ0.8ฐF temperature accuracy and more! These features combined with Dickson quality and accuracy will make this your most valuable temperature monitoring tool.
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Dickson’s FH125 LCD Graphing Data Logger with Remote Probe, lets you view detailed temperature and humidity data on its large screen and allows for optional PC downloads. The large 4.5" x 2.5" display shows you current temperature and humidity readings and displays a graph of data ranging from 1-hour to 32-days. No paper charts or running back to your PC to see data, this recorder shows you everything at the push of a button.
Ideal for:
  • Chambers, Incubators and hard to reach places
  • Tracking Critical Processes
  • Monitoring Walk-in Freezers, Coolers and Storage Rooms
  • Monitoring Clean Rooms & Isolation Rooms
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We’ve taken our best selling Pro-Series Data Logger and added a LCD to create our best data logger yet! With a 1-year battery life and our best accuracy specifications, this compact data logger lets you record over 32,000 temperature and humidity sample points and view MIN, MAX and current readings with the push of a button. The TR320 features self-contained temperature and humidity sensors and a large 2.5 digit LCD.
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The Dickson Pro Series Data Loggers take data acquisition to the next level with 5-year battery life, data storage capacity of 32,512 sample points and our best accuracy specifications. The TP120 is a data logging instrument equipped with internal sensors for recording temperature and humidity.
  • Battery Operation - 5 year battery life
  • Stores 32,512 Sample Points 
  • Temperature Range -40 to +176ฐF (-40 to +80ฐC)
  • Humidity Range 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • "Unit On" LED Indicator
  • 2% RH Accuracy
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So compact, slightly larger than a quarter, you can put these data loggers just about anywhere. So inexpensive, less than $75 each, you can monitor all of your critical applications without sacrificing accuracy and ease of use. These data loggers feature great accuracy specifications and use our popular DicksonWare  software. Kit includes 12 temperature and humidity data loggers.
Use the TK500 for:
  • Monitoring goods in storage
  • Logging conditions while goods are in transit
  • Mapping and evaluating HVAC/R systems
  • Place these data loggers in shipping containers, refrigerators, freezers, coolers, ventilation ducts, and just about anywhere you need to monitor temperature and humidity conditions.
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The Dickson TX120 sets a new standard in affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use PC based recording. The TX120 is a compact, rugged, battery powered Data Logger capable of taking temperature and humidity readings just about anywhere.
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The D200 Data Logger is designed for use in the most critical applications, the D200’s small size and 10-year battery life can meet the needs of the most demanding user. Whether fulfillment of regulatory requirements or accurate recording of temperature and humidity for quality control reasons is needed, the D200 is the perfect instrument. User friendly software makes it simple to integrate recorded data into word processing or spreadsheets, giving results a professional polished look.
  • Compact -- smaller than a credit card
  • Discreet - no keypad, display, chart or pens to be tampered with
  • Performs months of unattended monitoring - just retrieve the data when it is convenient for you
  • Stores 21,500 sample points
  • Professional presentation of recorded data
  • Easy integration of recorded data into your word processing, spread sheet and email documents