Pressure Meters / Pressure Controllers
The electronic Pressure Meters and Controllers for gases and liquids are of modular construction. Absolute, relative and differential pressure sensors are available.

EL-PRESS series, Electronic Pressure Transducers (EPT’s) and Controllers (EPC’s) with laboratory style housing. Controllers to be specified for forward or backward pressure control. With analog or digital output. Elastomer sealed; metal sealed or downported as an option available.
Pressure ranges from 0-100 mbar up to 0-400 bar.
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COMBI-FLOW series, Pressure Meters and Controllers for use in high-purity applications, e.g. semiconductor industry. Metal sealed, analog output. Optional compact combination with additional funtions, such as filters and shut-off valves.
Pressure ranges from 0-300 mbar up to 0-10 bar.
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IQ+FLOW series, ultra compact Pressure Meters and Controllers with chip-based sensor technology. Both analog and digital output, elastomer sealed. World’s smallest Pressure Controller!
Pressure ranges of 0...15 psi / 0...30 psi / 0...100 psi (other ranges on request).
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