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Low cost, high performance pressure sensor for arduous industrial duty with integral 4...20mA signal transmitter.

  • Chemical and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel diaphragm with integral four active arm strain gauge bridge.
  •  2 wire, loop powered, 4...20mA analogue output.
  • Fully temperature compensated.
  • Gauge or absolute.
  • Excellent linearity and long term stability.
  • Stainless steel housing.

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Smart programmable analogue pressure sensor for GAUGE, ABSOLUTE and DIFFERENTIAL measurement in process systems and plant monitoring applications.

  • Long term stability and exceptional corrosion resistance to most aggressive media.
  • High accuracy pressure capsule with characterised temperature compensation. Data intelligence gives a standardised output signal for simple servicing.
  • Choice of analogue output signal: 4...20mA, 0.4...2V, 5...15Hz.
  • Keypad programmable function calibration.
  • LCD information display of signal values and all function mode parameters.
  • Simple pushbutton scaling to match on-site parameters. Offset, elevated zero, volumetric conversions, etc.
  • Programmable turndown and signal transfer characteristic expressed in true engineering units: square root, tand content, etc.
  • Programmable signal damping and display suppression.
  • Pressure ranges from 0-600 bar Gauge, Absolute or Differential.

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