C&I Engineering Company Limited  
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One of the world’s leading Manufacturers of Sensors for Hazardous Areas & Mining Safety such as Programmable Controller, Trip Amplifier, Intrinsically Safe Power Supply, Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature, Gas Monitoring, Proximity, Vibration, Material Handling, Indicator & Connector.
For over 40 years of experiences in Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous applications, customers can be assured that Trolex range of equipment complies with the latest EMC Standards and ATEX Directives for Group I and Group II Hazardous Areas.
Trolex can offer complete monitoring, data acquisition and data transmission as a total package conbined into SCADA system.
If you are looking for a complete range of High-End Safety Monitoring System, no matter in Group I, Group II or Non-Hazardous applications, TROLEX is your perfect solution.

The truely worldwide Manufacturer for the most extensive Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers, Pressure Sensors & Controllers, and Evaporation systems on the market.
Numerous styles of instruments can be offered for applications in Laboratory, Industrial and Hazardous Locations.
The full scale measuring range with 50:1 Turn-Down Ratio can be selected between
  • 0-1 mln/min up to 0-10000 m3n/h for Gases
  • 0-30 mg/h up to 0-20 kg/h for Liquids
With a series of Ultra-Compact, Chip-Sensor based Flow Meters & Controllers, Bronkhorst can offer with unmatched solutions for your industries.



Monitran - A world leader in vibration and displacement measurement technology.
Monitran manufactures an extensive range of products, including Piezoelectric Accelerometers, LVDT Displacement Transducers, Eddy Current Probes, Monitoring Systems and Portable Vibration Meters.
Every product is fully tested, proven in the toughest of conditions and is supplied with comprehensive documentation.
With advanced product manufacturing facilities in the UK and a worldwide network, Monitran can provide full range of products to protect and maintain your plant and equipment.

Dickson strives to develop the industry’s finest Data Loggers, Chart Recorders, Temperature and Humidity Monitorings.
Since 1923, Dickson’s  Remote Data Logger, Micro Data Logger, Chart Recorders and Temperature Alarms have helped customers like Intel, Boeing, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Dell Computer, Harvard University, Lexus and Merck improve their products and processes.
As the expert in the field of monitoring, Dickson does not manufacture and sell just one type of single product but aims for customer’s application as a key.


PANAM ENGINEERS has been in the field of manufacturing precision Tube Fittings and Instrumentation Valves since the last two decades.
With the latest in-house machinery, Tube Fittings and Instrumentation Products can be produced in different sizes and materials like Brass, Stainless Steel, Monel and others based on customer’s needs
No matter your industry is Oil & Gas, Power Generation or Chemical, PANAM ENGINEERS always stands for Precision & Durability.

Morningstar is a world-leading supplier of Photovoltaic (PV) Controllers using advanced technology.
Morningstar’s TriStar, ProStar, SunSaver, SunLight, SunGuard and SHS have been recognized in the international PV markets as the most advanced and highest-quality controllers available in the industry.

Reliability : Exceeds all other PV controllers for protection against lightning surges and the harsh operating temperatures common to remote PV.

Battery Charging : Advanced PWM, constant voltage, pulsing charge algorithm results in an increase in battery capacity and operating.